A place for everyone – bunnies, bears, deer, ponies, dogs, puppies, cats or furriest creatures to roam.

While not gender tender, trans, str8, lay a man, lay a woman, Camp Layman is clothing optional or not, a place for your dreams to become reality.

Initiated by a veteran participant of that festival in the desert, Camp Layman is a picturesque 89-acre property at the western foot of the Catskill Mountains in a deciduous forest with a stream flowing though. The closest city is Oneonta, which is enlivened by two colleges — Hartwick and a SUNY campus. Cooperstown, by legend the birthplace of baseball, also is nearby.

Currently the property is in transition, with a 1930 house being demolished and a new construction being built in its place.

Participants are welcome to visit, volunteer, donate time or funds to support the basic needs of this new community.